7 Useful Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

The kitchen might be among the tiniest sections or rooms in the house, nevertheless, it is among the most used. Early in the morning when you get off the bed and clean up, you would head to the kitchen to make you breakfast. When you come from work or during the day, if you are hungry, you would rush to the kitchen to fix something to eat. Generally, you would use the kitchen severally. The kitchen also has some accessories such as the cabinets, which plays a huge role. The cabinet is not just there to store the equipments and utensils, rather it also adds beauty to the kitchen. There are some kitchen cabinet design ideas that you can apply to give your kitchen a new look.

7 Useful Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

You can have some design ideas to include some add-ons to your kitchen cabinet, which will give it a whole new look. These add-ons do not only add beauty to the kitchen, but they also help to make cooking easier. Also, they limit the movement around the kitchen, which is a common cause of accidents. Here are some of the kitchen cabinet design ideas you might want to consider for your kitchen.

1. Lightings Around The Cabinet

Having some additional light in your kitchen can help you in many ways. It would help to limit the multiple errors while cooking and it also brightens the kitchen making it elegant. You can install some lights under the cabinet, which would lighten up the meal preparation area. The lights under the cabinet will ensure you have enough light when you are preparing your meals.

It would be better to have dimmable lights, which would also work well if you hare using the kitchen in odd hours at night. You could use the low-profile Light Emitting Diode, LED strip light for your under-cabinet lights. Since the LED lights vary, you will need to check with your supplier to ensure that you have the right piece for your kitchen. Also, you can ask the contractors that fix your kitchen cabinet to have a display for you to select what suits you best.

2. Power

You can also include some sockets around your cabinets, either below, or on the edges. This will help you to comfortably enjoy your electronics without any problems. These sockets would help you with your additional such as the microwave or an iPad if necessary. The cables could be installed in a way that they are not dangling around, which can lead to electric shocks.

3. Table Mount

Currently, many people are uploading cooking videos online and in addition, there are a number of TV shows for cooking. Here, you can install a table mount that would hold gadgets like iPad, which you can watch as you cook. However, do not watch a talk show or a movie as you are cooking, this can lead to total disaster in the kitchen. The table mount would help you want your tablet as you are following the cooking recipe. So you wouldn’t worry about having it placed on a countertop with water. You could also Skype a cooking professional like your mother and you would cook as you video call. This is a great deal. You may get a number of systems that have been designed to hold your devices and also keep the cables in place, without any inconveniences.

7 Useful Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

4. A Knife Block

Knives are lethal and they can be very dangerous if not handled in the right manner. They would also be dangerous if they are not well stored. For that, you can consider including a knife block below your kitchen cabinet. This will help to hold your knives, and you can pick them out easily. When you need the knife block, you must ensure that the color matches the color of the cabinet. Even if it is not exactly the same color, it must blend with the color theme of the kitchen and the cabinets. The color most to clash by any chance. The knife block must also be easy to use, which makes it easy to pull out the knife and return it back.

5. A Jar Opener

If you constantly use jars in the kitchen, then you might want to consider this add-on. This will be mounted on the wall cabinet easily and you can comfortably open your jars without any challenges. If you have jars that are usually difficult to open, then you would consider this fitting. It might seem almost invisible, but it can be placed with its holder, which will also fit under the cabinet. You wouldn’t need to struggle with a piece of cloth to open a jar anymore.

6. A Stemware Rack

Suppose the cabinets are filled up with more utensils, you might consider this rack to help you store some wine glasses. The rack would not only help to hold the wine glasses, but it will also appear so elegant in the kitchen. If you have the rack and the under-cabinet lightings, you will have a five star hotel display right there in your kitchen. The rack must be able to hold the glasses firmly, without having them trip over. They should also be well spaced in order to give the area an elegant look. However, if you do not plan to use the glasses for long, then you might not want to hang them here. This is because the rack would attract dust and grease, especially from the steam when you cook.

7. Bottle Holder

You can also install a bottle holder that would hang from under the cabinet, which is another great way to save up on the countertop space. The bottle holder must be well installed and they should be placed away from the cook top or the range. This will ensure that the bottles do not heat up.


These are some of the kitchen cabinet design ideas that would be easy to install and they would help you save space in the kitchen. You would also not be needed to remove any of your already fitted cabinets, they will fit comfortably even as the cabinets are in place.

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