10 Biggest Lies On Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen equipments will be subject to changing fashions and fads, looking at the various cabinets in the market will be a good decision in ensuring that you make a good selection. The selection of the cabinet you make should change your kitchen to attain a good look and should not be an influence of some lies about kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet

Lies about kitchen cabinets include:

1. There is no frame-less cabinet

Most manufacturers adopt two design styles, either the framed or the frame-less, in making of the kitchen cabinets. The difference between the two styles is not large as it exists in the construction process. The style also determines how the cabinet will look and the accessibility you will have to the cabinet. The framed cabinet incorporates a wood frame around the front outer edge of the cabinet box contrary to the frame-less cabinet. The framed cabinets are more traditional and also offer some style variety depending on the number of doors it have.

2. Painting the kitchen cabinet is not essential

Repainting the kitchen cabinet is a good way of giving it a new look without incurring any major costs. You can easily repaint a wood cabinet but if is made of plastic it will somehow resist the paint and therefore will require the use of a special paint and also techniques.

3. The design is not important

Choosing the cabinet hardware and the design is important in improving and determining the look of your kitchen. More often the cabinetry in your kitchen will determine the look of the kitchen compared to any other equipment. The use of a good design will make the room more efficient and also easy to use.

4. You don’t need to plan for the kitchen cabinet

The kitchen is an important area where you have to carry out strict budgeting before carrying out any purchases. Much of the kitchen budgets are not always on the cabinet but also in the cost and time of installation. The planning will depend on how much you will need to tackle by yourself. Mostly, you will need to arrange on the amount of appliances you will require in your kitchen. Any food preparation within the kitchen will depend on appliances like the stove, the refrigerator and the sink. The triangular shape of all appliances is suitable in any kitchen. With triangular structure, the access will be straight forward and there will be room for preparation and storage beside each area. Additionally, you will also need to plan on what you are going to store in the cabinet. The cabinets that extend to the ceiling will be a good investment as they will increase the storage space for your items.

5. Better to buy a new kitchen cabinet than to remodel an old one

You can remodel your kitchen cabinet without the need of renovating the whole system. You can transform the look of the cabinet with the use of new doors, designer hardware and drawers. To reduce the cost of remodeling the cabinet, you may purchase the cheap accessories or use other cheap finishes provided that they will give your kitchen a startling look.

Kitchen Cabinet

6. The knobs and pulls are not necessary

The parts need is not only in opening the cabinet. Alongside the hinges they are integral decorative parts in any structure. When selecting the parts for your cabinet structure you should always start by determining whether they will blend with the surrounding environment or the entire cabinet. Most of the knobs and pulls are made of wood, plastic, ceramic or even metal. The shape of knobs ranges from round shaped, egg shaped and square shaped and mounted on the structure with the use of a single screw. A person mounting a pull will always use at least two screws.

7. You should not always have knowledge on use of accessories

In case you intend to install a new system or upgrade the old one; you will need to understand the use of accessories for optimum storage and ease of use and some increased organization within the kitchen. Some of the basic accessories for your kitchen cabinet include trash bin, recycling pull outs and lazy Susan. At times you may fail to get more accessories for your cabinet due to the associated purchasing costs. In addition, the accessories you will use with your cabinet vary widely depending on the producer company. The accessories which a company must offer include plethora, plate displays, and divided wine ranks. The wine ranks and plate displays will offer an eye catching displays, although they have other purposes.

8. No need of lighting in the cabinet

The kitchen cabinet always requires illuminations. Almost all cabinets will come with a professional lighting system including the custom made and semi custom made cabinets. The cabinet lighting system consists of linkable light strips and task lighting which forms part
of the ceiling. The interior cabinet lighting and the drawer lighting, provide lighting within the cabinet. Florescent lamps and puck lights provides some eye-catching lighting for decoration purposes.

9. No decoration for a kitchen cabinet

Before the 1800s the kitchen was in a detached building, but in the current age the kitchen is part of the main house. Adding decorative features to the kitchen cabinet is important and improves the look of the room. Using posts, capitals, corbels, pilasters, valances, hoods and wainscoting may create a good looking kitchen cabinet. The kitchen will always require one feature to make it more unique compared to the other rooms in your house. The cabinet will be useful for storing your kitchen items while the decorations will make a stunning look in your kitchen admirable by anyone.

10. It is hard to get a second hand kitchen cabinet

Purchasing a second hard cabinet is easy either in your area or from your online store. Some of them may be close to new after use for a short period of time. Additionally, you can purchase the structures at a lower price compared to the new ones without considering its make. To purchase a good structure always think of how you are going to use it.

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