7 Mistakes To Avoid When Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet

You have probably heard horrible stories about kitchen refacing that went wrong. Some contractors go missing in action with your deposit, the refacing materials fail to arrive and you are forced to wait to months before the kitchen cabinet is completed. The kitchen is left in a great mess and it takes forever to clean it up. The good news is that you can avoid all those mistakes! There are hardworking and honest designers who do their job professionally to make your kitchen spectacular at a reasonable price.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet

The big question is, what should you look out for when planning to conduct a successful kitchen refacing? Below are 7 common mistakes you can avoid when refacing your kitchen cabinet:

1.Poor planning

Clear plan will help you to save time, money and reduce stress. The planning stage involves designing the new kitchen cabinet design. Your cabinet design is responsible for creating a good design and making decisions. Most people usually underestimate time. In order to be on the safe side, estimate the refacing process time and then add 50%. Ensure that you give out as much detail as possible, the more time you allocate for the planning stage, the less time you will spend fixing issues that arise later on during execution of the project. Be open and honest with your designer concerning your budget. This is one of the greatest mistakes that people commit.

The budget should include everything you plan for the kitchen cabinet refacing and unexpected expenses. Creating changes when the project is underway is the root cause of budget overages. Ensure that you have contingency plans in case of any emergencies. It will get messy when the refacing process begins. Be prepared for dirt and dust all over the place. Expect the entire kitchen to be messy and dusty during the entire refacing period. Also, do not expect a working kitchen until the project is completed. Remember that you will be out of running water and a sink. Ensure that you set up a temporary kitchen and cook meals in advance.

2.Do not expect perfection

It’s most likely that problems will arise. Be prepared for unexpected delays in order to cope with frustrations that can occur during your cabinet remodel. At times, you may encounter delays that are beyond designer control such as; materials are out of stock, or weather delays. You can go insane over a few days delay. For instance, your designer may discover a leak that has damaged the floor and joints and everything must come to a halt until another expert can come in and repair it. It is essential to keep in mind that your designer is handling the situation and trying to get everything back on track quickly. Ensure that you create a friendly working relationship with your designer and maintain constant communication.

3.Never pay for the entire project

Avoid paying for the entire project before the project is completed. Most designers will request for a significant down payment before commencing the remodeling work. This is normal because the designer needs to place orders for materials required for your cabinet refacing. The down project is the financial safety net in case you decide to withdraw from the project. But you also need a safety net as well. Leaving a portion outstanding is good policy to handle such situations. If you have issues giving your designer a down payment, then you do not trust them. Get a new designer if you feel they are untrustworthy. For a successful cabinet refacing, you should have a trustworthy designer. The designer will be in your kitchen and responsible of making big changes.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet

4.Cheap is expensive

Avoid falling for "big discount offers". Some remodeling organizations offer great discounts if you take up their services on the spot. If a company offers extremely huge discounts, then it implies their price is too high in the first place. A modest discount is okay as long as you save second trip. High quality Organizations rarely apply high-pressure tactic to make you use their services. Their products, services, and reviews are enough. Ensure that you evaluate your designer thoroughly. Contact their references, check out reviews, and ask friends and colleagues who might have hired their services before. In case of a bad comment or complaint, ask the designer to explain. At times, good designers may work for bad clients. However, avoid a designer if you notice a pattern of complains. Ensure the designer has experience, positive reviews and valid liability cover in case of unforeseen accidents.

5.Failure to select appliances

Never start your refacing project before you select your appliances. Ensure that you have a list of specifications before ordering for the required materials. That way the designer can plan for the best fit for the appliance into the cabinets. This applies particularly for wall ovens, cooks tops, and built in microwaves.

6.Choosing fashion over function

Before selecting your products, consider several functionality details. Door Knobs may look the same but they function differently. Ensure that you take samples of the best options and assess them for fingerprints, watermarks and how easily they scratch or dent. Some can be hard to clean, leaving fingerprints even after hard scrubbing. When selecting knobs and pulls, ensure that they are easy to hold even when your hands are wet or greasy. When it comes to handles, make sure everyone can be able to reach through them even huge hands. A good kitchen cabinet should last for over 10 years, so choose style with longevity. Avoid selecting overly trendy styles.

7.Mismatching layout

Whether you want to replace cabinet doors or the entire cabinetry, consider layout issues. Ensure that there are no opening conflicts such as doors opening into fridges or microwaves. Around the corners, depending on the way you place your handles, you may experience issues with doors and drawers not opening well. Choose cabinets that match the style of the rest of the kitchen decor. For instance, installing sleek and modern cabinets won’t match well in a heritage house. Ensure that whatever design you select match with everything in order to get most out of your refacing efforts.

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