7 Tips On Choosing Kitchen Cabinet For Your HDB

As a Singaporean, has the importance of choosing the right kitchen cabinet for your HDB ever crossed your mind? If yes, what are some of the main considerations that run through your mind?? If you have none, do not despair. In this brief article, I will bring you up to speed with some few ideas to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet for your HDB. 

7 Tips On Choosing Kitchen Cabinet For Your HDB

7 tips on choosing kitchen cabinet for your HDB

1. Material used to make the cabinet
For a long time, we have been blinded by the false facts that the best cabinets are made from wood. However, it is important to note that there are other materials used to make kitchen cabinets. Some other two types of materials used to make kitchen cabinets are;

Laminate cabinets: if you do not have much cash to spend on cabinets, you can go for the cheaper laminate cabinets. These cabinets come in a variety of patterns, colors when compared to any other type of material.

Metal cabinets: when you are looking for durability, the metal cabinets are the best options. They are most suitable for complex and hi-tech kitchen settings.

When choosing the materials, always consider the quality of material used. The cabinet should be built from high quality material to ensure its durability.

2. Hardware
What are the important components you are going to store in your kitchen cabinet? Before choosing any kitchen cabinet, it is important to know that the hardware may affect the appearance of your kitchen cabinet. Therefore, to bring out the proper ambience in your kitchen cabinet, you should not ignore the ideas you have about what you shall be putting in the cabinet. Some of the options to consider when determining the hardware of your cabinet are the drawer pulls and knobs.

3. Budget
You should always set a budget before you start sourcing for a cabinet. After having an estimation of your budget, you can now start checking the cabinet’s features, functionality, varieties and colors of the kitchen cabinet you need in that particular price range. This will certainly assist you in making a wise decision while choosing the most appropriate kitchen cabinet. While determining your budget, remember not to leave out the installation charges and any other hidden charges such as charges for fixing the cabinet. Remember; always work with what you have and never go for highly priced kitchen cabinets that will strain your budget. There are many amazing cabinets on offer that you may purchase at you desired price.

4. Size 
After setting out your budget and figuring what you really want, you need to have an estimation of the size of cabinet you need. Determine how big you want it to be, how many items it will store and what types of items you will store in it. Another thing to consider is the available space. Do not go for the extra large cabinets while your kitchen is too small. Also do not go with a very small kitchen space and the available space is too big. Choose a kitchen cabinet that is most suitable to match the available space. 

5. Molding
You want a unique cabinet, not a cabinet that can be found in almost any kitchen in Singapore. A unique cabinet molding makes it look customized that the general mold. 

6. The finishing of the cabinet
This is an area that needs to be addressed seriously as it affects your kitchen look. A kitchen cabinet may have a natural finishing or can be stained. Alternatively, it can be finished in another way. The most important fact is to ensure its finishing look nice and presentable in order to marry with your kitchen’s appearance and color. Some of the best decorative cabinet finishes available are glazing, crackle and distressing.

7. The door styles
The design of the kitchen cabinet is an important factor that needs not to be ignored. Your kitchen style should determine the door style that you ought to go with. The door style should also fit your taste. You need a door style that embraces your lifestyle and status. However, your budget will always determine the door style you go for. 

As I sum up, always remember that the kitchen is part of your home. Therefore, it needs to look great. As I mentioned earlier, kitchen cabinets play an important role in improving the appearance of your kitchen. Therefore, as a Singaporean, it is important for you to choose the perfect kitchen cabinet for your HDB.


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