7 Tips For The Best Installation Of Kitchen Cabinets

Home is a paradise on earth. It is the most beautiful place on earth where you are can be yourself. It is the most comfortable and relaxing place. Everyone wants to make it look like a little heaven by investing all one can. You make sure that all things in your home look good and are in proper condition. The most important part of this dreamland for anyone is kitchen. It is the place which controls your health and serves you the best food which keeps you refreshing all the time. You should use all your skills to make sure your kitchen gives you the perfect ambiance for food. The style, design and look of kitchen all depends on its interior and most importantly on cabinets.

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From the selection of color till the installation of cabinets, it is a complete test of nerves. A little mistake can ruin your all efforts and your investment will be in vain. If you know how to handle the tools and kits then doing it by yourself is the best economical option, you just need the kit and a strong helper. Otherwise there are many dealers in Singapore who offers these installation services. But you do not have to worry, whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring someone, here are few amazing tips that can really help your cabinet installation in making it easy and perfect.

1. Before starting the installation of cabinet.

Make a proper planning regarding your cabinets in the kitchen. Consider all the appliances you want in the kitchen, gas connection, stove, electric connections, and microwave and refrigerator fittings. This is very important before installing cabinets. After looking deep into your kitchen now you are ready to order the cabinets. This is the perfect time for the installation of additional switches and lighting. So make the most of this opportunity by making proper plan.

2. The first step in installing the cabinets is the measurement of walls.

Finding the highest spot is the most important thing because the position of all cabinets will depend on this point. Starting from the highest point in the floor, measure and draw a line with pencil to the top of the base cabinets. From the above measured line, draw and measure another line of up to 19-1/2 inches for the bottom of upper cabinets. Mark the position of cabinets and appliances on the wall. To double check the layout, lightly mark these positions. With the help of stud finder, mark the stud locations on wall with the help of pencil. Mark at least 6 inches above and below the marks of the bottom cabinet. Join the top and bottom points with a straight vertical line to point out the center of studs.

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3. Usually cabinets come with the attached doors and installed drawers.

In order to make your installation easy and prevent the damages by eliminating the doors, shelves and drawers. It will make the cabinets lighter and handling of cabinets will become easy. And most importantly screwing of the cabinets will become easier. Mark the detached doors and cabinets by putting a painter tape or a light pencil mark so that they can be attaché back in the original manner.

4. One of the most important things in the installation of cabinet is to provide the proper support to them.

Because without a good support, your cabinet are always exposed to the fear of the fall. Save the back of the cabinet with the help of cleat. Using 1x2 or 1x3 pieces of wood will help the cabinet in pushing them back. It will also help in preventing the cabinets from sliding and slipping over the wall.

5. If your kitchen plan includes corner cabinet, then start with it first.

Place the corner cabinets on the ledger boards. This is a two-person job, one will hold the cabinet on the board and the other will screw the cabinet on top in the wall. For the correct placement add shims behind the cabinets, it will fill the gaps of the uneven wall. Once you have made it sure that all the cabinets are in place and gaps have been filled, and then wrap up the final screwing. Install the screws on top and the bottom. If you do not have any corner cabinet, then always start with the installation of upper cabinets. Upper cabinets are also required to be placed on ledger boards for the perfect placement. Ledger board will ensure the straight alignment and will give support to the cabinets as well.

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6. After installing the corner cabinet then it is the time for the adjacent cabinets.

Always install cabinets one by one. While installing the cabinet lock it with the neighbor cabinet firmly and make sure they are lined up. It is easy to drill the face-frame cabinets. Adjacent cabinets can be placed together with the help of screw. While frameless cabinets are bit tricky to install. You have to drill the bolt hole and then bolt the two cabinets together. Do not fasten with the shelf-peg holes you will be need them for shelves.

7. Last but not the least step in the installation of cabinet is the plumbing.

Until and unless you are very expert in the plumbing hire some plumbing company. Hiring will be beneficial as they insured you first before starting the work so that in case if anything goes wrong it will cover it up. But if you doing it by yourself then make it sure that you are cutting the holes of exact sizes for the drainpipes and water lines. But cutting a little large hole will give room for slight adjustments and movements. Another important thing is the fixing of handle and knobs. One thumb rule for the installation is to make it sure that all the knobs are lined up.

To ensure the long life and excellent quality of the work, make sure you are using the best quality tools and kits. Top quality hinges, screws and other accessories will give an extended life because with time moving parts get worn out and good quality will protect it from it.

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