6 Things To Take Note When Hiring Carpenters For HDB

Do you need to make changes to your house in Singapore? Whether you need few changes or total make over, it’s apparent that you need to find the right carpenter- a carpenter who’s capable of customizing your home to suit your specific needs. Unfortunately, finding the perfect carpenter in Singapore can prove to be a challenging task, especially if you’re making repairs for the first time. But, are there ways or tips on how you can find the best carpenter for HDB? Well, if you’re to get quality job done in the shortest time possible, you’ve to evaluate each and every potential carpenter. Here are 6 things you need to take note when hiring a carpenter, HDB:

Hiring Carpenters

1.Areas of specialization

· What skills are you looking for in a carpenter? Are looking for a carpenter to mount your cabinet? Or rather do you need the cabinet repaired? If you know exactly what you want the carpenter to do, getting the best carpenter will become easier.

· Of course you don’t want to hire a carpenter only to realize that he lacks the required skills. So, what should you do? Read on. Just like other professionals, carpenters specialize in a variety of areas and thus if you take your time to understand their areas of specialization, chances are that you’ll get the best services.

2. Check the credentials

· Before you hire a carpenter, find out if they have credentials. This way, you’ll be greatly reducing the chances of dealing with incapable carpenters. What if he’s a local carpenter?

· If you can’t find the credentials because the carpenter is a local one, you may ask the neighbors about the punctuality and efficiency of the carpenter. But, if the carpenter is from an agency, ensure that you get all the details and cross check them. There have been cases of carpenters claiming to be capable only to demonstrate their incompetency after being assigned work. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived, be keen as you check the credentials.

3. Look for those with experience

· The more projects a carpenter has worked on, the better the chances that he will do you a good job. In some cases, an inexperienced carpenter can do a splendid job. However, these cases are very rare. If you don’t want to take any chances, look for an experienced carpenter who’ll deliver.

· So, how can you know that a carpenter is experienced? Well, it’s as easy as looking at his previous work. Photos of the carpenter’s previous work can serve the purpose, but it’s always advisable to you look at the previous work in person. However, if your schedule is so tight that you rarely find time, and thus are compelled to opt for the pictures, observe the pictures closely and ask questions where necessary.

4. Does the carpenter have references?

· If the carpenter claims to have done a similar job in the past, ask him to provide you with some references preferably his past clients. If truly the carpenter is a professional, giving you some few references should not be a big task.

· Once you have been given some references, make an effort to visit those clients in person to find out whether they were satisfied with the work of the carpenter or not. If the references highly commend the carpenter, hire him.

· If, on the contrary, the references claim that the carpenter did poor work, move on to the next carpenter. This is however a rarity since when a carpenter agrees to give you some references, he’s confident of what he did.

· If a carpenter declines to give you references pointing out some fake reasons, move on the next. Don’t hire a carpenter until you are confident that he can deliver.

Hiring Carpenters

5. Make sure to ask for quotes

· There are some carpenters who’ve clearly mastered the art of deceiving customers. Today, it’s not a surprise that people are forced to pay more than the quote price. Reason? There are hidden costs in the quotes.

· As you ask and compare quotes from different potential carpenters, inquire whether there are hidden costs. Although it’s not practically possible to estimate the overall cost of a project before it’s completed, labor costs should be finalized before the commencement of the project. You definitely do not wish to be exploited, so always ask for a rough estimate from every potential carpenter you come across.

6. Include dates in the contract

· When it comes to signing of the contracts, most attention is directed to the prices. This has led to non-inclusion of expected dates of completion in the contact. Failure to include dates in the contract means that you’ve let the carpenter decide when to start work and thus you should not complain.

· When carpenters decide when to begin work, one thing is apparent; delays. Unfortunately, you cannot hold carpenters accountable for the delays since you are responsible for the omission of closing dates in the contract. As such, if you are to avoid possible delays, ensure that you include closing dates in the contract.

· When you realize that your carpenter is taking too long to conclude the work, the ideal option would be to tell them to stop. However, since you obviously never included dates as to when you expect the task to be completed, the carpenters will not be accountable. And in case they agree to stop the work, be sure to pay extra money. But, why pay extra when you can fix it all the way from the start? Make sure to include closing dates in the contract.

As a residential home owner in Singapore, you need to get the best deals when it comes to making changes to your home. If you are to add creativity and increase the aesthetic appeal of your house using wood, there is no doubt that you need to hire a qualified carpenter. But, how can you know that a carpenter is experienced? Well, it’s all about patience in the search for a carpenter plus taking note of the things above.

A qualified carpenter will always deliver whether you have a big or a small project. No disappointments whatsoever. Just be sure to carry out extensive research before you settle for a particular carpenter and rest assured that you won’t regret.

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