Types of Kitchen Cabinet and Kitchen Cabinet Advantages

Cabinets are the main focal point of any kitchen. A well-designed cabinet can change the interior design and appearance of any house. Although kitchen cabinets are mostly designed for home use, an office can also have its own kitchen cabinets for its members of staff. There are various types of cabinets but the most basic and common types are

Kitchen Cabinet

• Wall Cabinets:
They are designed and fitted on the walls of kitchens. Upper wall cabinets usually measure between 12-17 inches in length and they can be custom or semi-custom made. Wall cabinets are very popular because they utilize the unused space on the kitchen walls.

• Base Cabinets:
They are usually installed on the kitchen floor, next to the wall. Base cabinets usually range between 24-36 inches tall and they are normally used as countertops. For ease of use, installation of Base Cabinets is mostly done in a way that the cabinets rest on top of a recessed riser which is known as the toe kick.

• Tall Cabinets:
Also known as utility or pantry cabinets, tall cabinets range between 84-96 inches long and they are mostly used for storage purposes. Tall cabinets are mostly used for broom storage or as a pantry.

• Special Units:
These cabinets are specialty units that are designed to maximize on the kitchen’s footage and organization. Specialty Cabinets can be sink or cooktop fronts, hutches, appliance cabinets, suspended units, racks, or corner cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

There are two common types of kitchen cabinet styles:

• Frameless

Frameless cabinets are regarded as the modern day cabinetry style. Their hinge design means that they have doors that are directly installed on the sides of the cabinet. The cabinet doors typically cover the entire cabinet cavity and they are usually large. Frameless cabinets are mostly made of manufactured wood products like structural particle board, plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF) among others.
Kitchen Cabinet

• Framed

Regarded as the traditional style of styling cabinets, Framed cabinet style is still the most common when it comes to cabinet design. The cabinets have “face frames” which make up the front. Think of a cabinet as a four-sided box, with the face frame split into two to allow easy access to the cabinet.

If you want a classic, traditional type of cabinet, then go for framed cabinets because they have unmatched appeal. Frameless cabinets are great if you want to save money because they involve less labor and they use simpler methods of construction. Frameless Cabinets are economical and available in multiple styles.

Advantages of Kitchen Cabinets

• They are used to safely store commodities. Cooking items, as well as other kitchen appliances, are normally stored on kitchen cabinets for safety and easy access.

• They offer support to appliances. A sturdy and durable kitchen cabinet such as the base cabinet offers support by acting as a countertop. It can also be used as an area for food preparation.

• They enhance the appearance of kitchens by adding an aesthetic touch. Cabinets act as kitchen furniture hence they help to improve the aesthetics of the kitchen.

• Organization and hygiene. Cabinets help with organization because they provide a convenient space where culinary items, utensils and kitchen appliances can be stored in a systematic manner. They are also important for hygiene as kitchen owners can safely store items here without rodents, houseflies, and other insects accessing and contaminating them.

• Kitchen Cabinets add value to a property. If you are planning to sell your house, one of the areas which many home buyers focus on is the kitchen. High-quality cabinets help to increase your assets’ value. They enhance the aesthetics of your house and offer the much-needed storage spaces as well as food preparation space. Installation of customized kitchen cabinets is even better because it will easily complement with your house’s interior.

Kitchen Cabinet Tips

If you have a kitchen, then you know that cabinets have useful and functional benefits. Some of the factors that you should consider when installing kitchen cabinets include:

• Durability:
Longevity is one of the main factors that you should consider when you are planning to add cabinets to your kitchen. Use high-quality materials in your designs and if you are choosing a ready-made product, choose something that has been constructed with materials that last longer. Some of the materials used in the construction of kitchen cabinets are thermal foil, stainless-steel melamine, laminates, wood etc.

Kitchen Cabinet

• Storage:
Cabinets are designed in different sizes and types. If you have a big family or if the cabinets are for office use, then they should be big enough to accommodate utensils and other kitchen appliances. Medium-sized cabinets are ideal for small houses. People who are cooks by profession might need extra spaces to store ingredients, utensils and other appliances hence such cabinets need to be big enough with multiple compartments.

• Customization:
Everybody has unique tastes and preferences. Different people have different demands when it comes to cabinet designs and where they want the cabinets to be installed. Generally, it is important to pick a cabinet design that fits your kitchen and compliments the general appearance of your house’s interior.

• Lock system and maintenance:
One of the main benefits of kitchen cabinets is to offer security and therefore it’s important to have a cabinet lock system that offers safety. Install kitchen cabinets with high-quality materials because they are easy to maintain and they last longer.

• Installation:
If you can’t DIY perfectly, choose a trained and well-experienced cabinet maker to install the cabinets for you. This will help you to get the perfect cabinet fit without damaging or altering parts of your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets help to improve the kitchen’s functionality and the general appearance of the house. For any modern and classy kitchen, cabinets are usually the center of attraction hence these boxes with drawers, doors, and shelves should be built with beautiful design and high-quality materials which complement the personality of the owner and the interior design of the house. Install cabinets that are strong and make your kitchen life to be more easy and convenient.

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