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If you own a condo in Singapore it is necessary to remodel the home from time to time. Remodeling is extremely important in order to maintain the appeal of a condo interior design. In fact, when it comes to remodeling, most homeowners avoid taking shortcuts. Remodeling can be done in different ways and can be as simple as replacing cabinets in the kitchen. Remodeling can be a large investment of both time and money; hence it is extremely important to carry out the remodeling with a lot of caution. Remodeling your kitchen is a huge and holistic affair since it entails a number of factors including the building of appealing, functional cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets

It is vital to get the best type of cabinets since kitchen cabinets can be of great help to those who use the kitchen area. Here are Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet for Your Condo

1. RTA or Customized Kitchen Cabinet

RTA or what is popularly known as Ready to Assemble kitchen are in fashion today. They are well-liked due to their quality, ease and feasibility options. Customers' attention lately has shifted from the conventional purchasing and buying for home furnishings and decoration. Kitchen cabinets in earlier times were installed post taking the design, buying all the construction materials and wait for a carpenter in getting it done. But today it is merely the figment of creativity and imagination that furniture companies are selling kitchen cabinets that are ready to assemble with top quality standards and takes minimal time in setting up. Hence, if one is planning to go for a proper kitchen renovation then they should try these ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.

Discover the different styles

RTA kitchen cabinets are available in a wide array of styles. Some of the most widely used include,

Single/double door cabinets-
This will be perfect resting on the place that one desires to use and also the items which they plan in storing inside the cabinet units. It is available in both base and wall mounted types

Oven and pantry cabinets-
This style of ready to assemble kitchen cabinet is an innovative storage choice especially for a kitchen remodeling project. Pantry cabinets are apt for areas which have less floor space for being used yet can accommodate heights. Oven cabinets, on the other hand, is a wonderful idea for integrating appliances in the kitchen designs.

Kitchen Cabinets

Drawer base cabinets-
These cabinets are ideal for places where particular kitchen items will be stored like dining utensils, cutting tools, linens and other small-sized wares. A drawer base cabinet is one of the most practical choices to find used items easily in the area, thereby adding to the productivity and functionality in the area.

Corner base cabinet-
This is fitted in the corner of a kitchen where RTA cabinets of standard sizes will not be capable of functioning well. A corner based cabinet has been specially designed for making the utilization of each square inch covering the floor space

Sink base cabinet-
This has been designed to hold the most used features in the kitchen that is, the sink. The sink base cabinet will enable the space below the sink to be utilized for storage
Shelf and wall end angle cabinets- This is apt for display purposes. For those who wish in putting their kitchenware into the display can use a glass door

Bridge wall cabinets-
This is the perfect choice if one desires to integrate their cabinet units together with a different wall mounted features especially in their kitchen remodeling. Bridge wall cabinets can also be used for connecting with other wall cabinets for a continuous appearance to their kitchen's building blocks

2. Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The Wood kitchen cabinets are smoothed out and completed early to prevent from it to wrap up. The cabinets that are polished perfectly and finished are checked thoroughly so that the wood won't wear out due to the moisture in the environment. So, the hard wood ones would be most appropriate to obtain. Wait, this isn't the only type of wood available. There're a number of forms of woods that can be used for the creation of cabinets. You have got to know each one of these very well to be able to make a decision which one would be ideal for you.

Kitchen Cabinets

Following is the list of wood forms available which you can use as cabinet material:

Red Oak -
The red oak is definitely a prime quality wood which is a little out of range from the ordinary buyer because it's far too much high priced. Apart from it being high priced, it is obtainable in a variety of styles. Its texture has grain shapes on it. This style is normally used for the societal and traditional kind of needs of cabinetry. This may be used into stock and personalized kitchen cabinets also.

White Oak-
The white oak wood is likewise fairly strong and tougher than several other forms available. It is often utilized in golden shades. It's largely used for the kitchen cabinets constructed on the needs of the customers. Few people are aware of this nevertheless it's put to use for the arts and crafts objectives as well. Apart from all this, the white oak wood cabinets are merely developed at orders or at the buyer's request.

Maple -
One other wood utilized for the developing of the cabinets is the hard maple wood which is not much pricey as the oak and it isn't even that much in thickness. This wood, when provided the perfect coating, can look quite elegant. This kind of kitchen cabinets can certainly be very edgy for any sort of kitchen.

Hickory -
Hickory is another type of wood which is a bit lighter than the oak wood but has similar style and benefit. The normal creamy color of this wood is balanced by giving it the natural finish to really make it a lot more realistic. This wood very rarely opts for the cabinets. That is because it's less long lasting and it can catch marks too.

One more wood kind available is cherry. It's efficient at bearing pressure. It is used for rare occasions only a few select this wood for the making of the kitchen cabinets. Its design gives a pretty stylish look and feel. This wood is accessible in reddish brown color and its wood becomes dark with the passage of time.

The best thing that you can do is to visit several Singapore showrooms in order to get an idea of what they have to offer. You can check out the materials, design, hardware and several other factors to ascertain whether the cabinets are fit for your kitchen. You should talk with salespeople at the showrooms so that you can get an idea of the different types of kitchen cabinet options that can fit your condo. You can even do a bit of mix and match by using different varieties of materials, sizes, and hardware in order to create the perfect condo kitchen cabinets.

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