The Art Of A New Decor With Custom Kitchen Cabinets Designs

The kitchen is truly the heart of a home. It is the place where food is cooked and family gathering takes place to eat and spent some quality time with each other apart from the busy schedules. In homes having an open kitchen area can be used for multiple purposes like dining space, entertainment, workplace and many more.

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Nowadays kitchens are well furnished, maintained and organized so that the one who is unfamiliar can even fetch the things easily. Interior decoration of the kitchen must be done in such a way that the kitchen becomes user-friendly for everyone. Some of the major creative and inexpensive kitchen decoration ideas include:

Design & Furnishing

The kitchen can be designed in multiple layouts as G, U, L-shaped & many other. Your kitchen can be classic or contemporary, casual or formal, high-tech or homey as per your desire. Choose the color suiting with your home furnishing. Place designer handles on the kitchen cabinet doors which will give a beautiful appearance.


Every condo has its own distinctive layout and thus it's best to customize cabinets to beautify them. Personalized cupboards are made to exactly fit into the layout of your home. Thus, thoughtfully plan your home decor, especially the kitchen, which is regarded as the heart of the house. Your kitchen reflects your lifestyle and persona. Hence, redefine the furnishing with custom cabinet designs.

Interior designers are constantly creating innovative and attractive kitchen decor ideas. They are spending hours in fabricating the perfect design patterns to suit your home. Even, modern-day home-makers love to experiment with different kitchen ornamentation ideas. All you need is a functional kitchen to ease your household drudgery, without compromising on the decor. Thus, interior design professionals recommend personalized coffers to create a well organized yet gorgeous kitchen.

Quickly preparing your breakfast without compromising on the variety of dishes, can help you start your day on time. Moreover, physicians advice on having a healthy and filling breakfast to gain energy for the day. So, skipping your breakfast to attend a meeting is not how you deal with the issue. Hence, all you need is a well-organized kitchen. When it is organized, automatically it becomes more functional. You don't end up spending hours searching for the right cooking ingredients or crockery to serve your food. Thus, opting for customized cabinetry is the best solution.

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If customized cabinets are installed, the decor will automatically stand apart from the rest. The tailored cabinet designs will add a hint of drama and personality to the decor. You can add your personal touch, in terms of cabinet color, texture, size, shape and installation position. A complete personalization of the cabinet designs and colors will give the decor an edge over the others.

You are free to give your opinions and suggestions while cabinet designing. You can consult with experts or professional interior designers and seek their advice as to what would be best suited for the decor. Accordingly, you can give your own inputs on your preferences and tastes. Keeping your views and suggestions in mind, the cabinetmakers will design the storage boxes.

Let me give you an example of this:

Suppose you have a small kitchen and you want to redesign it in a manner wherein your storage space increases while it still remains spacious. In such a case, all you need is well-designed custom-built storage boxes, which would accommodate almost all your cooking tools without cramming up the workspace. Uniquely designed pull-out drawers can help you keep your dinnerware, bowls, jars, dishware and even your juicer, in an organized manner.

If you need to keep bottles of sauces, pickles, and spices, you can opt for a pull-out bottle rack. These pull-out storage boxes will not occupy too much space. Many of these can be self-closing pull-outs too. As a result, you can easily store all those cooking items which you need to inside these cabinets and yet save space. Moreover, you need not close these pull-out cabinet baskets after stacking the items, since they are self-closing.

To add more, you can select specific types of woods for your cabinets. There is a large range of woods which are used for making cabinet boxes, such as maple, oak, cherry, pine, and alder. Depending on your preference and likes, you can choose the wood. However, do remember that durability and quality of the wood should be really good. Or else, you will have to replace them soon.

Since some of the woods come with beautiful burl patterns, you can select the one which best suits your taste. Some burls are somewhat circular in patterns while there are others which do not have any specific uniformity. These look good and stylish. You can choose the one which catches your attention and accordingly ask your cabinetmaker to design cabinets with those particular woods.

Stock cupboards have standard configurations. Hence, these are not tailor-made to suit your kitchen's layout. On the other hand, semi-custom cabinets are, although, created according to your specifications, yet these lack the intricate designs offered in customized cabinetry. Thus, nothing can be compared to the benefits of personalized cabinetry.

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Not all the kitchens have the same layout. Thus, cabinets should be tailor-made, to fit into your kitchen set-up. These should blend with the decor in such a way that nothing appears unwanted or awkward. Thus, it is important for you to study your kitchen outline, understand its requirement and then plan its cupboard arrangement. To help you with these, here are a few guidelines to embellish the following kitchen layouts:

Kitchen with Island

A spacious kitchen layout looks stunning with an island cabinetry. Island cupboards provide extra storage space. Island cabinets are essentially recommended for an outdoor kitchen layout. The countertop can be converted to a dining space by placing stools or can be utilized for extensive cutting and chopping vegetables or fruits.

Horseshoe Kitchen

This layout is just like a U-shaped kitchen with cupboards lined up on all three sides. Construct tall cabinets to maximize storage capacity. You may construct a peninsula cabinet on one end of the kitchen that opens into your dining area or personalizes a bar counter with wine storage coffers.

Galley Kitchen

When wall cabinetry is constructed on two parallel walls with a walk-through space in between, the layout is known as a galley. Tall wall cabinets finished in pastel shades and bright lighting are the perfect ways to embellish galleys. Stainless steel cabinets or stained wooden cabinets look absolutely stunning in this type of set-up.

Thus, these are some of the tricks and tips to design three unconventional kitchen layouts. If your kitchen has any of these above-mentioned layouts, then hope the ideas are of great help to you. There are many more set-ups and each requires special furnishing. So, personalize the decor with custom cabinet designs to accentuate it in your own way.

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