Solid Surface Countertops VS Granite

Fixing counter tops is not something you can do frequently. Unlike other home electronics, you do not spend much of thinking the right counter tops as long as it’s fixed. For this reason, you only have limited knowledge of the best counter tops unless if you happen to remodel your kitchen cabinet or any part of your home. If you’re looking for information to compare the solid surface countertops vs. granite, you’re in the right place.

There are important factors to consider before choosing countertops. Aside from prices, you must know the durability of the counter tops so that you won’t be able to change or remodel from time to time, that will cost you a lot. Another thing is tactile appeal, style, sanitation, impact to the environment, and its overall effect that will give your home value and image. Of course, you’ll choose a design that you’ve never seen before not even used by your neighbors. These exciting features together with the use of comfort are a good consideration. 

Solid Surface Counter Tops VS Granite

Solid surface countertops are mostly made of polyester blends and acrylic. However, its proportion differs from the level of the material and the brand. If you have limited knowledge about the proportion would fit for your home, let the professionals do the job for you. The kitchen cabinet, interior design and renovation specialists in Singapore will be able to give you the option that would simply match the color, texture, and finish of the countertops. 

Solid surfaces have colors that go all the way over the slab. So even you scratch, stain or gouge the countertop, it will completely renewed only with abrasive product to eliminate the damaged layer. Scratches can be effortlessly taken care of with any household abrasive cleaner such as scotch brite pad or soft scrub. However, if gouges are too deep and wide, you may need a professional to refinish the entire surface of the countertop. More consumers have found that scratches are highly visible with darker color of the solid surface. This is why darker tops need to be refinished. However, refinishing can be costly but not that much compared to purchasing a new countertop and refinishing. 

Solid surfaces are seamless in nature. Although the slabs are factory-made in standard sizes, they are pieced together to make it one large in kitchen shaped top. Its seamless nature allows to join too tightly that’s why its seams are almost invisible. For back splashes and integrated sinks, it allows the finish top appeared as one fixed slab set to the cabinetry. In solid surfaces, even sinks are solid in colors but you’ll still see the sink connected to the top but you won’t be able to see the seams. 

Granite countertops have increased its popularity for how many years but it’s now declining due to the new sets of interesting quartz surface available in the market. However, the feature of granite is different with other granite; which means that no two granite slabs are alike. Because of this personality, it provides the surrounding at the home’s interior a truly unique beauty. As a result, you will need to go the supplier of granite and choose your own slab to avoid potential problem in colors or pattern discrepancy. With this, you’ll be able to see the sample in the store. 

The same as quartz, granite requires a drop-in sink or under mount sink. There are different edges you can choose from and as well as back splashes. Since granite is natural, it’s permeable and thus requires sealing. Professionals recommended for granite to be sealed for once a year. However, if the top can be seen a lot then it’s advisable to be sealed twice a year. The granite countertops should be maintained so that it doesn’t harbor bacteria. Therefore, there is a sealing process that you have to follow. You can just spray the top with a natural stone sealant, wait for few minutes then wipe off. 

The personality of granite is very strong and it can withstand from heat and scratching.
The range of its price depends on the durability, quality, and availability. However, for kitchen design, more consumers in Singapore used the solid surface countertops. Solid surface are made from FDA approved materials, which means that it is safe in kitchen for bacterial and fungal resistance unlike granite, you need proper sealing and maintenance to keep off from any kinds of bacteria. 


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