How To Remove Stain On Solid Surface Singapore?

Today, there is no Singaporean who has failed to accept the idea of maintaining a graceful and stylish home décor. Indeed, your own home is a lifetime investment which deserves your attention. For sure, there is no need to stay in a lavish home or house which has not embrace the modern home design appearance. The days in which the kitchen was only a cooking area facility are long gone. Nowadays, each and every individual should do his or her best to make sure that the aesthetic view of his or her house is well distributed. However, you do not have to only renovate your on living room while ignoring your other rooms, especially the kitchen.

How To Remove Stain On Solid Surface Singapore?

Is there matching cabinets in your kitchen? What about the countertops? Frankly, countertops normally come in handy. Therefore, the choice that you make depends on your own artistic impression. In Singapore homes, the facilities which are most adored are the quartz countertops. This is due to the elegancy which it comes with. In case you own quartz countertops in your kitchen, it is important that you know how you will maintain their exquisite appearance.

Nowadays, mild detergents are available on the market. When cleaning your quartz countertop using mild detergents, ensure that you use the most effective detergent. Also, when choosing your best mild detergent, you should ensure that the product is non-bleach and non-abrasive. Indeed, the mild products are normally safe especially for all types of products which are made from quartz material. You will be able to effectively maintain the quality of your countertop when you use mild detergent.
There are different important tips which you can follow in case you want to remove stain on solid surface countertop effectively. Do you want to have a durable and long lasting countertop? The following are some of the simple tips that you should consider doing when removing stains. Many homeowners can follow these tips easily.

1. Know the surface of your countertop.

Solid countertops are classified into 3 basic types. These are matte finish, high gloss and semi gloss depending on their finish. It is important that before you start to clean the stains on your countertop, you should first know the type of material the countertop surface is made of. This will enable you to understand the most perfect cleaning product for removing the stains. In case of glossy finish countertops, it is always advisable that you use mild soap solutions. And for the countertops with a matte finish, it is always advisable that you use abrasive cleaners. Also, baking soda is another perfect option.

2. Use a mild soap solution.

Wet a cloth in a solution of mild soap or even a non ammonia based window cleaner. Then you wipe the stained surface using that cloth. You should ensure that the cloth is moving in circular motion. The circular wiping should continue until all the stains disappear. The area should be rinsed thoroughly. Also, ensure that you dry it out using a dry and clean cloth. This procedure should be used for daily maintenance in order to prevent staining.

Remove Stain On Solid Surface

3. Use special cleansers.

In case the stains are tough enough to warrant the use of special cleaners, consider using them. Difficult stains like food residue or hard water marks need a very strong cleansing product. You should soak the stained surface in an abrasive cleaner for at least ten minutes. After soaking, use a sponge or a scrubber to rub that area carefully. This should be done in a circular motion. Thereafter rinse thoroughly. You should always be carefully especially when choosing the cleansing product or agent. Avoid using oven cleaner or a floor stripper cleaner. This is because these cleansing agents have harsh chemicals which can reduce the sheen of your own countertop. Also, you should be careful when scrubbing. This is because scrubbers can scratch the surface of your countertop in case it is used excessively.

4. Disinfect your countertop.

After cleaning the countertop with either a special cleaner or a soap solution, it is important to disinfect it. It is highly recommended that you disinfect it with a bleaching solution. You should make a solution of household bleach in an equally quantity of water then you use a damp cloth to apply it on the stained surface. Bleach is one of the powerful stain removers. Therefore, it will also remove all leftover traces of the stains. Apart from using the damp cloth, it is also advisable that you use even disposable kitchen wipes when applying bleach. Subsequently, you should thoroughly wipe the countertop surface with a clean cloth.

5. Rinse thoroughly.

After the procedure, you should ensure that you rinse the countertop using clean water. Thereafter, dry it completely. End the procedure of removing the stain by polishing off the countertop using a clean cloth. This is important because it will restore the usual luster. It will also eliminate any other hard water marks which may have been left.

6. Seek professional assistance.

You are also free to seek professional help from a Co. that provides this service. Seeking help from experts will enable you to ensure that your solid surface is clean. In Singapore, many companies that provide this service are available. You just need to be careful when choosing them.

In general, solid surface countertops are always easy to polish and even to clean. Some of the tips to follow include knowing the surface of your countertop, using a mild soap solution, using special cleaning, disinfecting your countertop, and rinsing your countertop thoroughly. You may also seek professional assistance. If you strictly follow the above tips, there is no doubt that your own solid surface countertop will be glowing always. Also, it is wise to consider the tips given by the countertop manufacturer and follow their recommendations. Furthermore, it is significant that you be careful not to expose the countertop especially to harsh chemicals such as lacquer thinner, pain removers, or drain cleaners. Just follow this procedure in letter and spirit, and you will be able remove stain from a solid surface countertop and make it appear new as if it has never been used.

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