How To Polish Quartz Countertops?

There is no Singaporean who has failed to embrace the idea of maintaining an elegant home decor. Your house is a lifetime investment that deserves every attention. There is no point of living in a lavish house that has not embrace the 21st century home design outlook. Long gone are the days when kitchen was just a cooking area facility. Today, each and every person in Singapore is doing his/her best to ensure that the aesthetic view of the house is evenly distributed. You don’t have to renovate your living room while ignoring other rooms and for this case, the kitchen. In the recent years, there have been influxes of various kitchen designs that must be adhered to if you are an enthusiast of smart design. There is no doubt that in your recent kitchen remodeling, you added new features and stuffs to this must have place in a home.

How To Polish Quartz Countertops?

Does your kitchen have matching cabinets? What about countertops? Countertops do come in handy and the choice you make depends on your artistic impression. One of the most adored facilities in Singapore homes are the quartz countertops because of the elegancy that it comes with. If you do own quartz countertops in your kitchen, you must know how to maintain their exquisite looks. 

Today, you are lucky to get a detailed info about how you will be polishing your countertops to avoid compromising its unique and great appearance. Have a look below;

Cleaning Countertops
The surface of your countertop is made using quartz mineral, a material that is hard and scratch resistant. This implies that you should not shy away from cleaning its surface because it will not get damaged. It is ideal to clean its surface using a soapy solution that contains warm water. You should sprinkle the solution on the surface then scrub it with a hard brush. If you find that a particular surface of the countertop has a stubborn stain, don’t worry. Add a little drop of vinegar to the surface and repeat the scrubbing procedure. 

CAUTION: You should not use abrasive scrubbers because they can cause streaks on the surface.The other stuff to avoid is using soaps that are made from oil. Quartz is not porrous hence using such oils could leave the countertop dull. Just use an ordinary soap or washing detergent.

Rinsing the Countertop
It is recommendeed that you pour a sizeable volume of water on the surface of the countertop. You can also use a sprinkler bottle to spray water on the surface. It is essential to use enough water because failure to do that will result to a boring to look quartz surface because of the remaining oil or soap. Thereafter, you should use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the countertop surface. When wiping the quartz countertops, ensure that no streaks are left. Your eye is enough to determine whether the wiping has been done thoroughly or not.

Cleaning Liquids
One of the most preferred solutions to apply on any quartz counter top is the window cleaner. The window cleaner is often used to create crystal clear windows. Using the same cleaner on your countertop will give it an eye catchy or rather sparkling look. Make sure to use window cleaners that do not contain health hazard chemicals. After spraying the window cleaner on the countertop, wipe gently with a soft cotton cloth to get a fine polish.

Quartz Countertops Tips and Tricks
· What happens if a gum or any other sticky substance attaches itself no your countertop? Don’t bother because you got the best and durable countertop. All you need is a pen knife that can scrub it off. The knife cannot damage the countertop’s hard surface.

· In case there is grease on your countertop, make sure to use a degreasing agent. You can thereafter sprinkle water and wipe it out with a cotton cloth.

· Ink traces on the quartz countertop are removed using cleansers that are oil-based.


By now, you are so lucky to be one of the many Singaporeans that have learned how to clean their valuable countertop. Don’t let its outstanding polish look get away when you can maintain it by yourself. The greatest news is that quartz countertops do come with several years warranty hence you are assured of having a product that is at the top of the range. Have fun building on your kitchen design.

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