What Kitchen Cabinet Material To Choose For HDB?

One of the major challenging tasks is remodeling or upgrading a house. Among the areas in the house that will require remodeling is the kitchen. The cabinets are among the major highlights in the kitchen that require keen attention. The cabinets plays the role of storing the utensils, but they can also add glamour and make the kitchen more appealing. A challenge that is faced by many HDB dwellers in Singapore is when they need to find the right kitchen cabinet material. There are a number of kitchen cabinet specialists, who deal with various cabinets made of different materials. The available materials available include hardwood, softwood and metal, which all serve different functions.

What Kitchen Cabinet Material To Choose For HDB?

Here are some of the kitchen cabinet materials that you might want to consider buying:

- Aluminum

If you want a new, modern style, then you might want to consider the aluminum cabinets. Aluminum the best metal that is used for making cabinets for the HDB units. The aluminum cabinets look very presentable, given the fact that they will glitter in the kitchen lights. This makes them very elegant, especially since they are naturally glossy. They are the best type of metal used, since it is rust resistant. You will be using water around the kitchen for quite some time, including when you are cleaning the cabinets, or when the kitchen is full of steam. At this point, it will be important to use the aluminum cabinets, since they will resist rust.

Aluminum also has a lightweight and even though they are enhanced by other tougher alloys, it still remains light in weight, which is very convenient. You will therefore not find any problem when you are opening the cabinets. Another advantage of aluminum is that it is non-toxic and impermeable, which make it safe even food is stored in the cabinets. There will be no any possible intoxication of the food that have been stored. For this reason, it stays as among the safest kitchen cabinet materials to use.

- Hardwood

Hardwood is another common material that is used in many HDB units in Singapore. They play a huge role in the kitchen and they are also long lasting. Some of the most common hardwoods that you can find include the following.

- Red Oak

This is a type of hardwood that is tough, it is durable and it is somewhat affordable. You will find the Red oak cabinets in different styles and finishes, which you will choose from. The surface of the Red oak is a grain pattern, a style that is mostly used for the conventional style of cabinet. It will be suitable for custom-made, semi-custom as well as stock cabinets. For that, they are flexible and they are also durable.

- Hard Maple

Another type of hardwood you will want to choose for your kitchen cabinet is the hard maple. This type of wood comes with a light color and it has a surface with fine grain. They are also slightly costly than the oak, but less solid. This type of hardwood can fit a custom and semi-custom cabinet comfortably and it can be stained. Nevertheless, it will be dressed using a natural or clear finish, in order to have a more modern look that is lighter.

What Kitchen Cabinet Material To Choose For HDB?

- Cherry
This is another common hardwood that will fit in your HDB kitchen. It is tough enough to endure rough situations. This type of wood can stand marring and other knocks, which ensures that it stays stronger for longer. They will best fit your kitchen and they will appear more formal if they are used with a classic style. They are versatile, which can also give the kitchen a modern look. They come with a smooth surface that has a fine grain and it is reddish brown, which can be stained at some point. They will get darker as they become older.

- Ash

This type of wood resembles oak, in terms of durability and strength. However, it has a more highlighted shape an it is also light in color. It is a straight grain type, and it looks more modern, especially if it has a natural or a clear finish. It will be mostly used for the custom-made cabinets, due to its natural state.

- Birch

Birch is yet another type of hardwood that is commonly used in kitchen cabinets. This one is a fine grain wood that is also quite durable. It is relatively darker than the maple and it tends to be less expensive than most of the other materials. It can also take the look of maple or cherry when it has been stained, which is a great option. However, it can take some uneven coloring, which is why it tends to be cheaper in the market that most of other woods.

- Softwood

The only type of softwood that you can rely on is Pine. Pine is a common type of wood that you can find used in cabinets. This type of kitchen cabinet material will dent faster than the hardwoods that are used. It has a pale yellow color and it can also be stained. You can find some Pine cabinets with knots that have been used to highlight the classical personality.

When you are choosing the material to use, you can choose whichever you need, in relation to your preference. However, you can consider some aspects like the following;
• Durability. The material must be able to last for the longest time possible.
• Versatility. The material should also be available in various cabinet configurations.
• Price. You can also consider the price of the cabinet that you are about to buy. Go for the affordable unit.


When choosing a kitchen cabinet material, always consider asking the professionals about its efficiency. It is always advised to choose the right material that can last for long and one that is able to serve you well. Other than the durability, the material should fit your preferences perfectly. It will be better to have the right material, which also suits you well.

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