What Are The Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs
For 2015?

When decorating your home, it is important to create a balance between the classic and the trendy. This is because kitchen renovation or remodeling projects are costly, and more so, the work done is expected to last for quite long time. If you are planning to update your kitchen cabinets, before you embark on the project, it is a good idea to be informed about the best trends of kitchen design for 2015. In that regard, here is a list of some of these design trends.

1. Gray or Metallic Kitchen Cabinets

Gray or Metallic Kitchen Cabinets

In fact, metallic surfaces are one of the hottest kitchen design trend for 2015. Gray isn’t actually the freshest, latest interior design going that could be a good thing for those who will not like to dive into anything. In the recent days, this type of kitchen cabinets has been shaping up as the best, go-to color. So, it is still quite safe and better option as 2015 progresses. In addition to white, this color is one of the stronger contenders for the neutral color in palettes of trendy designers for 2015. Also, gray is a much fresher color choice than the camels, beiges and khakis which were very prevalent mostly in the last several years.

2. Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

This style of kitchen cabinets can add an amazing lush modern look. They look like a newly painted vehicle parked in the kitchen – shiny, bright and rich in color. All lacquer kitchen cabinets are produced by a process of applying several lacquer coats, and then followed by waxing and polishing to make them scratch resistant and more durable. They are inarguably one of the best cabinet design trends for 2015.

3. Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets have lately seen a great rise in demand, with very strong interest from all corners of the world. Currently, some trend-setting designers are favoring various driftwood-inspired tones which have gray color. There is a wide variety of this type of kitchen cabinet designs available in the market. In fact, several designers are incorporating warm honey-toned woods and pale woods into various kitchen cabinet designs. Quite some designers are also favoring dark wood tones that have been most common over the past five years and projecting to be more relevant progressing into 2015. Maple kitchen cabinet designs have also been in a great demand in the past few years, but also remain the favorite trends for the coming years. Cherry kitchen cabinets have also been in demand in some parts of the world. Actually, cherry wood is much-beloved and enduring traditional favorite.

4. Veneer Wood Cabinetry

Veneer Wood Cabinetry

Veneer wood cabinetry is yet another kitchen design for 2015 that adds depth and warmth to any modern kitchen and this is due to the use of slab. This style has been very popular in most parts of Asia, Europe and its now increasing its popularity to rest of the world, especially in United States.

5. Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets

Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets

Being one of the freshest and new neutrals, white is a color which makes perfect sense and brings great atmosphere in the kitchen. Minimalist white kitchen cabinet is one of the best in the market today. They are simple, uncluttered, un-fussy and clean kitchen cabinetry that comes with appliances which blend into the cabinet.

6. Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Upper Kitchen Cabinets

For a modern kitchen space, taking out this type of kitchen cabinets for 2015 is a good idea. There are various designs for upper kitchen cabinet; sleek white and black styling and sans upper cabinets is one of the appealing types. You can also add a great back plash which goes up to your ceiling, or you can have space for other things. However, if you need relatively larger kitchen storage, this style of a kitchen design may not be a good choice for you.

7. Modern White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Modern White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

White kitchens are nowadays very common for a good reason, regardless of the style of your home, they keep the room looking tidy and clean even when isn’t yet cleaned. This amazing look can be easily achieved through several finishes such as glossy lacquer, veneer, paint, or melamine. This particular kitchen cabinet design is relatively affordable and not expensive. Additionally, the design also pair very well with various styles of drawer pulls for 2015.

These are just some of the best kitchen cabinet designs for 2015. The variety gives you a wide selection to choose from if you are planning to remodel or renovate your kitchen.

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