Pros & Cons On Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is the heart of the home which is why its design and style represents the home owner’s taste and to some extent his or her character. Being a place where family and close friends commune regularly for breakfast or a drink it needs to be not only comfortable but convenient. Aluminum kitchen cabinets feature unique designs, styles and colors that incorporate every home owner’s preference and personality. Installing these cabinets can bring a unique element to your kitchen’s design that will give a face lift to your kitchen.

Research is essential when it comes to choosing aluminum kitchen cabinets to provide you with the best value for your money while enjoying long-lasting quality with nifty and convenient features. The color and design of the cabinets should go with the design for the kitchen and the rest of the home to ensure your house isn't a style disaster. You should also keep in mind that aluminum cabinets go best with aluminum appliances or stainless steel ones.

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Pros of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets

· Suitable for all climates
Aluminum cabinets can with stand all climatic conditions without being affected unlike wooden ones which tend to wrap- deviating from their flat form- in humid climates.

· Ease of care
These cabinets do not need much care just wiping off the dirt and dust whenever necessary while some wooden cabinets need you to take the extra step of polishing the surfaces with lemon oil.

· Choices in colors and designs
Many people might think the aluminum cabinets come in the cold and boring metallic look only but this is far from the truth. You have the choice of choosing the color and design you might want or go for the basic metallic look, it is all up to you.

· Rust resistant

The cabinets feature an oxidized finish which prevents the cabinets from rusting at a later date.

· Water proof

In case of any spills inside or on the cabinets the liquids usually stay on the surface even when left for long period of time but wood cabinets usually soak up the moisture causing wrapping, if the spills happen frequently. The cleaning part is also very simple as all you need to do is just wipe off the spill and it goes back its original shiny look.

· Fire proof
You are assured that your cabinets will survive in the unfortunate event of a fire all you have to do is clean them and may be add a fresh coat of paint on them.

· Color change

After a few years you might feel the need to change up you kitchen, these cabinets will not get in your way as you can change up their color to fit your kitchen’s design.

· Long lasting
They are usually very long lasting because they are rigid nature and not prone to breaking, which makes them very economical because they provide great service for a long period of time.

· Insect proof

They are not prone to insect infestation because of their waterproof nature and their inability to be porous or have tiny spaces for the insects to crawl their way into the cabinets.

Pros and cons of aluminium kitchen cabinets

Cons of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets

· Tendency to dent

This is a huge drawback because no one wants dented cabinets in their kitchens. This is unappealing and compromises the initial design, even with the repairs it will not go back it original condition.

· Less design options

Metal is less workable than wood thus the design options tend to be more limited and have a vaguely similar look.

· Noisy
Metal is naturally noisy and the task of opening and closing your cabinets can be a bit annoying especially if you like a quiet and serene environment in your home.

· Limiting in terms of home designs

The modern and contemporary home designs are mainly the only ones that will fit well with aluminum kitchen cabinets. This limits home owners with traditional and other designs from incorporating them into their homes.

Final verdict

These kitchen cabinets offer some really great advantages that provide a strong case against its disadvantages. The cabinets are definitely not for every home but will look great in the ones that choose to incorporate them. They provide a light weight option that features the same versatility as wood when it comes to color and are more durable if only you are careful not to dent them.

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