Kitchen Renovation Cost - Estimate

Have you dreamed of a new kitchen with space to entertain and prepare gourmet meals, but how much it will cost a great job of renovation? Reviewing the kitchen is one of the most expensive housing renovation projects, but regardless of what you spend, it will be returned when you sell the house. A remodeling of the kitchen will increase the value of your property.

Kitchen Renovation Cost

To estimate the costs of renovating your kitchen, start with the cabinets. New cabinets can be very expensive and you need to calculate at least $ 5,000. $ 5,000 will provide safes for DIY stores that are sold in standard styles and sizes. If you want custom cabinets, you should plan to spend twice as much as the installation costs. You can save money if your existing cabinets are structurally sound and you just want to give them a new look. The resurfacing of the cabinet will cost approximately $ 3,000; The disadvantage is that it does not add additional space in the rack and needs to remain in the current configuration.

The next big expense will be buying new devices and spending at least $ 2,000 or more if you are interested in the latest features and styles. You could save money by purchasing Energy Star appliances eligible for federal tax credits because they conserve electricity. Stainless steel models are the most popular at the moment, but they are also the most expensive because they are in great demand. There are size and space limitations that can affect your decision about new devices. In addition, you must ensure that the kitchen is properly wired to handle your new appliances. The operation of new power lines will increase the cost of the renovation.

After cabinets and appliances, the countertop and floor will be your most important expenses. When calculating the cost of new meters, calculate at least $ 50 per square foot, that is, if you are using a standard laminate. If you want a solid composite surface such as Corian or Durate, expect to pay more and if you want to get taller with granite or marble, the cost is more than $ 100 per square foot.

Kitchen Renovation Cost - Estimate

It can be vital to prepare a budget for the kitchen remodeling plan before starting to implement it. Without a complete and detailed budget ready before the start of the kitchen renovation, you run the risk of falling into a spiral of investment in unbudgeted extras. An excellent approach to managing these costs is to get a good estimate of kitchen renovations. When you propose to renew, you may find that generally hidden costs increase and reduce your budget. A smart strategy is to increase the estimated cost of renovating your kitchen to 15% of the value of the home.

Be well informed about the cost of each component in your own remodeling plan. Browse the Internet, gather product literature, friends who have renewed, read, ask questions and phone. Do everything possible to be informed in general. The better you recognize, the better you can make good decisions. An excellent starting point is an average estimate of about $ 45,000 for a $ 250,000 home. Adding a 20% mattress on the estimated cost of your renovation will cover it if something happens suddenly. The cost of appliances, counters, cupboards, floors, etc. account for about half of the two-thirds of the total cost of modernization. Discover the prices of these items and connect the number of people in your budget. In the same way, organize your workforce, your design, your suppliers and license fees. Electricity, plumbing, and gas increase their costs, making the kitchen renovation much more expensive than any other room in the house.

Kitchen Cost

The most effective way to list the elements needed for remodeling is to write down everything that is installed in your current kitchen. Everything else needs to be documented and added as the articles appear. Start with your absolute requirements and the points without which you can not live. Then move with your most desired items, such as the workflow with your kitchen meals when preparing meals or the type of material applied to countertops, cabinets, and floors. Then you can add it to your "wish list", which includes a TV, computer system, kitchen area, gazebo, etc. An estimate of the kitchen renovation costs can and must contain everything at the beginning, as well as your cushion. Keep a separate spreadsheet of the items you want to add and add them if you can.

Another problem to consider when estimating the renovation of your kitchen is the size of your family members, your entertainment style, your frequent friends and your meal preparation job. If you have a big house, you can have a big house in the kitchen. If it's a bargain, a huge table with many counters is acceptable. If you enjoy cooking, prepare your kitchen with strategically placed appliances for optimal production.

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