How Long Does It Take To Install Kitchen Cabinets?

The time it will take to install cabinets in your kitchen will depend on certain factors such as the availability of man power, the complexity and scope of the work, the quantity and type of the kitchen cabinets that will be used. Three-four carpenters working continuously for around six hours can complete a standard installation of about nineteen-twenty one stock wall together with the basement cabinets in one day. However, if there is more work involved, or there is need to change the whole kitchen layout, then more hours and carpenters will be required in order to be able to complete the task. 

How Long Does It Take To Install Kitchen Cabinets?

More often, kitchen cabinet installation is just one task of either complete or partial kitchen renovation project and it is difficult to separate work from the sink, countertop or the appliances in hours and estimate the exact time it will take to install kitchen cabinets.

If the home owner wants the complete demolition of the kitchen, then it can take two carpenters about 10-15 hours to complete a kitchen size of 10 x 10 feet. However, more time and laborers will be required if the kitchen countertop will need to be replaced.

In such a case, it is difficult to determine exactly how much time it will take because countertops are not designed to be reinstalled and they are easily damaged even when the carpenter takes care not to. However, it the homeowner still insist on having them reinstalled, the task will take much more time than expected.

Kitchen cabinets installation
It will take two carpenters about 20-23 hours to install stock wall and base cabinets together with the standard hardware. This is with the assumption that the new and old cabinets are of the same size and they will placed just the same way the old once were; no modification is required to be made.

If custom work is required, it will take much longer to complete hence requiring more time and the cost of installation will also be higher. If multiple outlets will be installed in the cabinets or Stylish crown molting work, then it will take much more time.

Other additional considerations

The installation of kitchen cabinets is a way that is far from making the kitchen to fully functional again. Even if the carpenter disconnects all the appliances, counter and removes the sink before installing the cabinets, it does not mean that all the fixtures and appliances will be installed at no charge assuming it is a part of the cabinet installation work. Everything is estimated separately, as not only the time that will be spend but also the additional labor expenses.

On average, the installation of kitchen cabinets in a standard kitchen, while doing a complete kitchen remodeling can consume about 30 -40 per cent of the total time that is required to make the kitchen fully functional again and another 5 per cent of time for demolishing.

During a partial remodeling, the time that will be required to install the cabinets in the kitchen will be less. However, 15-20 working hours will still be required but it depends on the size of the kitchen and the minor fixing after installing the cabinets as well as painting of the walls.

Every house renovation project is always unique and kitchen cabinet installation is not an exception. While stock cabinet’s installation may take about one day, the installation of custom cabinets installation work is more precise and it will take more time and laborers to complete the project.

Hiring a professional installer is recommended as they have the skill and experience that is required to carry out the task. In addition, the installer will finish the work much faster compared to when doing it yourself. However, to be able to reduce the labor expense, you may consider hiring just a few laborers and assist in the installation yourself. This will take longer but you will have saved a few bucks.

Generally speaking, to have a fully functional kitchen again, it will take about 0ne-two weeks after the installation work begins but it all depends on the scope of the work. Call a professional installer and have him evaluate your kitchen and tell you the approximate time it will take.


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