Granite Countertops Vs. Solid Surface

When choosing the best kind of surface for your in-house kitchen cabinet countertops, there aren’t that many options. The basic used kind of improved surfaces can be classified by the material and include Quartz, Granite, Laminate and Solid surface.

Granite Countertops Vs. Solid Surface

The older generation was less concerned about countertops and only needed durability and affordability to guide them. The new breed of Generation X and Y however, will subject their preferred top to many value assessing credentials like style, sanitation, tactile appeal and even environment-friendliness.

This article will compare two kinds of countertops that are evident in most home kitchens; Granite countertops versus Solid surface.

Granite Countertops
They are made from natural granite stones. Each granite slab is different from the other providing mixed traits in a unique way.

These countertops are also very durable and if well maintained could surpass their indicated lifespan with only slight renovations needed. They are resistant to both scratch and heat, making them ideal for kitchen use. They are moisture resistant as well and can last for a lifetime provided regular sealing is added.

The finished slabs are sealed on installation and very easy to clean. The surface will be devoid of any dirt with the use of the most abundant cleaner; water. Other neutral pH cleaners are also recommended.

However, Granite countertops are underlined by one demeanor which is porosity. Granite stones are naturally porous and characterized by minor seams in its structure. This is nevertheless corrected by sealing the tops. Manufacturing companies in Singapore use microfiber fillings to seal the “birth marks” or minor structural joints.

They also require a different under-mount for a drop-down sink.

These countertops are the second most affordable after Laminate which is the cheapest.

To protect your granite countertop, avoid exposing it to acid based spills such as mouthwash, toothpaste, perfumes and other extreme pH solutions. Seal the top every 2 years, particularly on the areas of the sink and where the stove sits.

Avoid placing hot objects directly on the surface. Use a chopping board while cutting your ingredients.

Solid Surface Countertops
 These are strong surfaces made by mixing polyester and acrylic in different proportions. The different proportioning is the reason for a wide variety of solid surface in the market all with varying color, texture and finishing.

These countertops do not have any joins or seams making them extremely easy to clean and fit. They have a soft feel to the touch and are made of a matte gloss finishing.

They have a very strong abrasive resistant non-porous structure uninhabitable by any bacteria.

In Singapore, the manufacturing companies install solid surface tops together with an integral under-mount sink made of the same material. The sinks are generally white and seamless for easy cleaning.

The coloring cuts through the entire dense of the slabs making their renovations easier. The main variety is the Corian and Staron though there are many others depending on the proportion of its compounds.

Cleaning solid surface countertops basically requires water and ammonia-based cleaners.
 Avoid directly placing hot objects on the surface of the slab. Never use strong chemicals to prevent corrosion and practice the use of a chopping board as knife form indentions on the top surface exposing it to wear.

Solid surface tops are very durable and can last for up to 30 years if well maintained.

Both granite and solid surface countertops are long-lasting if well maintained. They are easy to clean and cleaning solutions or detergents are cheaply available. In terms of price, granite presents the cheapest option mainly since it is a naturally existing stone. Solid surface is a bit expensive but its returns on investment are incomparable.

The choice to select any of these fine countertops will depend on the interior design of the kitchen and personal preferences of the user based on style and trends.

In a comprehensive comparison, solid surface has a little upper edge since there is less, if any, complaints made by users. This is unlike granite surfaces that encounter occasional critics like long-term usage leaking. The claims, though unproven by contractors, definitely affect the decision to purchase one of these two.

All the same, both products offer perfect interior kitchen cabinet countertops with the latest designs of art and improved tactile desirability.


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