12 Steps To Building A Beautiful Wardrobe

Everyone deserves a beautiful looking wardrobe that has all the essential and onetime date killers. Although many people often think building a wardrobe directly corresponds to breaking the bank, nothing is further from the truth. Of course you will be spending a little more to ensure your closet is well furnished and contains everything you need. If you are building a wardrobe from scratch, the process may take more time to complete but it is still quite effortless. So how do you exactly build your wardrobe into what you want? Here are the 12 basic steps:


1. Begin with a fashionable convenient closet

The first step to building a wardrobe is installing high quality convenient closets that can hold your cloths and fittings in place. Find something inspiring and perform a few remodeling to get your closet up to date.

2. Find your style

Wardrobes are all about the style. If you have ever walked into a store and seen hats, dresses and tops that remind you of someone in particular, then it is the projection of those people’s style you retain in your mind. You should also know your style and find outfits and accessories that reflect your individual lifestyle and hobbies.

3. Know when to change the wardrobe

It is important to know when to change your wardrobe. There are several reasons and circumstances that may warrant a change in wardrobe. Keeping cloths more than five years old and maintaining the same old designs may work out but it is never quite interesting. Some of the occasions that warrant a change in wardrobe include the following;• When starting a new life for instance after landing a new job, you need a wardrobe to reflect that.
• When you have new demands from the workplace or any other activity, new boss, expanded job description.
• When you move to a new environment from skiing to sunbathing or cold to warmer regions.
• When you going for new body working out of surgery that will require new fits.
• When you have new hair that demands certain blending and styles
All these are reasons enough to change your wardrobe or at least update them to include the new requirements.


4. Always have the closet basics

Closet basics do not mean you buy basic boring cloths. Rather, this involves buying the staple essential parts of the closet that make building a wardrobe interesting and fun. Skirts, shorts and tops of different cuts, colors and styles are closet basics you need as foundation for the wardrobe. The basics include dresses, blazer, jeans, skirts, pants, tops, cardigan, a pair of pumps, flats, sandals, boots and wedges, a handbag and a few accessories.

5. Buy only the best fit

Whatever insights you are given, the only sure way to purchase the right fit is to try them on. One you have put on the outfit, check where the waistlines, hemlines and shoulder fall and make sure they are the right places. Try to move around and swing your arms to ensure your mobility is free and not obstructed.

6. Select the right length

Building a wardrobe has a lot to do with maintaining your style and quality of dressing. It does not matter if you are short or tall; choose the ideal length of the dress or skirt to accentuate your particular height. If the dress is too nice to leave, determine that adjusting the hemlines will not damage the look. If you are tall, you can add some flowery lacy hem to the outfit.

7. Choose flattering cuts

Fit and length aside, cuts are the next important aspect to consider when building a wardrobe. You want to have a broad variety of cuts that are flattering to your size and body type, not just one type of cut. Full skirts, pleated bottoms, light weight fabric and flattering structure, whatever you pick, make sure your outfits do the work for you rather than overwhelming your body.

8. Do not compromise on comfort

If the outfit is not comfortable on your skin, just leave it alone and look for another. Adjustments may be able to make a specific dress fit your length but comfort is not something to compromise however beautiful the outfit is. Apart from physical comfort, choose cloths that you are comfortable about wearing (those that boost your confidence and you feel great having them on). If you cannot go out with them, do not spend money on them.

Building Wardrobe

9. Diversify your colors

It is obvious that different people look better in different colors. However, this is not reason enough to stick with specific colors for every other dress or pant you purchase. Pick interchangeable colors, patterns, shapes, blocks, stripes and checkered outfits. Play with the colors as much as possible but avoid ridiculous looks.

10. Start considering scenarios

Once you know the right fit, length, cut and color, it is time to begin considering scenarios when you will be wearing your cloths. Building a wardrobe is all about having a couple of options for each function, event or requirement. Since you already have the closet basics, begin finding something for a date night, a night out with friends, a job interview, from-work-to-play, a visit to the parents and such scenarios. Picturing the scenario will keep you on the upper edge of fashion and give you options to choose from for whichever outing.

11. Where to start from?

If you already know what you have and what to buy, the next probing question is where to start and what to buy first. It is advisable to choose credible licensed fashion stores and malls that can guarantee original genuine quality outfits. Shopping online is the modern trend and it is convenient if not cheaper. Review all aspects of credibility, quality provisions, professionalism, variety and reputation.

12. Sort out your wardrobe

So you have all the information and have a plan in place to purchase different types of cloths. What is remaining is a little bit of organization. It is time to start putting your pieces in place and organizing the closet to build that dream wardrobe. Know where to place every piece of cloth you have in the wardrobe. Arrange by category (dress, shoes, bags, accessories…) type of outfit, color and size. Neatly organize your wardrobe for easy accessibility.


Building a wardrobe should neither be hectic nor rushed. Gradually add items into your wardrobe as you will probably be updating the closet from time to time when you come across must-by items.
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