5 Surprising Things Your Carpenter Won't Build

Carpenters can help you build many things used at home ranging from benches to tables, wooden chairs and kitchen shelves and cabinets. Basically, carpenters build stuff and their capacity is influenced by various factors including experience and skill set. Carpentry is an interesting skill that you can effortlessly acquire and there are several DIY things you can make on your own. Finding carpenters should never be a problem especially since the current market has too many potential offers. However, they cannot build everything you need. Even the most skilled and experienced carpenter is still limited in what they can achieve. Sometimes you just need professionals with skill sets a notch higher like full-scope interior designers. These professionals can accomplish all the carpentry requirements plus more. It is therefore important to know what your carpenter will not be able to build. Here are 5 surprising things you would think carpenters know how to handle:


1. Full-features multi-material kitchen cabinets

It is quite easy to assume that your regular carpenter will be capable of building the exact kitchen cabinet you need for your remodeling. This seems so obvious considering such cabinets are made of wood and carpenters are good with wooden constructions. However, kitchen cabinets call for another level of skill and falls within the job description of interior designers. A full kitchen cabinet comprises several features and may include some sections of natural stone countertops and walls. Such complex designs call for professionals who strictly deal with kitchen remodeling and understand the full scope of redefining a kitchen’s look. You need to achieve perfection in terms of space, aesthetic appeal, size, ease of use and style. In other words, you need more than just a piece of wooden construction like furniture or bench. This is something installed on side and integrated into an existing plan. Interior designers have what it takes to produce everything carpenters can build but carpenters cannot handle all the work required of designers, like a kitchen cabinet.

2. Full kitchen remodeling/renovation

Looking at any construction that includes wooden finish immediately leads your brain to thinking it is the work of exceptional carpenters. Remodeled kitchens for instance feature beautiful wooden drawers, cabinets and handles but this is in no way the outcome of a carpenter’s work. Most home remodeling activities like kitchen renovations are handled by professional interior designers. Businesses that offer these services usually have separate employees handling different tasks. You may have a dedicated carpenter who deals with cutting and defining the wooden parts of the design while others deal with the remaining non-wooden aspects. It is therefore a combined effort that brings carpenters and interior designers together. If you are planning to perform a kitchen remodeling or renovation, you will need to bypass your regular wood carpenter and call professional designers who can come up with all the brilliant ideas that suite your unique requirements. The existing design was probably established by interior designers and can only be effectively remodeled by the same.


3. Comprehensive woodwork

When you start out as a carpenter, there is a broad range of things you can build ranging from house furniture to cabinets, fixing leaking roofs and replacing broken glass. People who are trained as carpenters usually end up specializing in finish carpentry, trim carpentry of cabinet making. Woodwork is a whole different level which requires experience and thoughtful insights. When the term woodwork is stated, many will only associate it with the wood completely forgetting that most installations and designs feature concrete and metallic countertops and sections. If you want a piece of standalone furniture, then a regular carpenter will meet your needs, for cabinets find those who have specialized in cabinet making and for full-scope woodwork, find pro-level designers who can work with architects to deliver precise models for various parts of the house.

4. Installing appliances

Some kitchen, living room and bathroom appliances are made of wood and materials that carpenters are found of. However, these professionals cannot handle all the appliances particularly because others are foundations for installing structural and plumbing infrastructure. Shelves, hangers, wood cabinets and frames are all a carpenter’s specialization. Oven and furnace areas, flooring, plumbing, heating and ventilation on the other hand are off a carpenter’s mark. Most home appliances are understood by interior designers since they handle the broad scope of house installations from the roof to the floor and everything in between. If you want to install new appliances that require bigger space or changing of preexisting measurements then you would rather call interior designers.


5. Non-wood installations and furniture

All issues with your sinks, pipes, taps and drainage channels, water heating installations, toilets and bathrooms should be directed to people of professions other than carpentry. However, that is probably too obvious. Carpenters are good at building furniture and stuff made from wood. If you need concrete chairs and decking, canopy awnings and such installations that go hand in hand with house furniture, your carpenter may only help you a little bit by referring you to other professionals better suited for the job. These installations require masters of interior and exterior design features and components. Awnings for instance are shades that you would assume carpenters can install within a short time since such structures generally fall within the craftsmanship within carpentry. Yet, the elaborate nature and detail in installing such features require different types of professionals who deal with them on a day to day basis.


Carpentry is a broad field that houses incredible craftsmanship. Carpenters can make numerous different things ranging from house furniture to section installations, cut-size planks to frames and rails, shelves, closets, ceilings, roofs, doors and window installations and the list goes on. However, even they have a boundary beyond which they are required to hand over the duty to other experts. Interior and exterior designers handle most part of compartmental installations while carpenters are better suited to standalone fixture and precision cuts. Just the same way, interior designers are required to hand over to structural engineers and architects at a certain point. Home makeovers and remodeling often mark the beginning of interior designers and the end of carpenters. It is important to choose credible licensed professionals when considering major changes and installations.
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